5 Things to Consider While Looking for Houses for sale in Bangalore

While planning to invest in a property, you need to contemplate all the factors meticulously, considering how big this decision is going to be. Above that, if you are going to buy property in one of the metropolitan cities, Bangalore, you cannot afford to take any risk, right?

Being the Indian Silicon Valley, Bangalore city is in demand when it comes to buying property. If you are looking forward to the purchase of a new house, there would be plenty of reasons that would compel you to purchase one in Bangalore.

However, searching through a myriad of options of houses for sale in Bangalore is easy said than done. There are different aspects that you must take care of while finalising anything. So, read ahead and know the top 5 factors that you should check before buying a house in Bangalore.

  1. Legal Approval:

Before creating a list of options, make sure that you only add those houses which have been authorized by the government of Karnataka. Make sure that the house planning has been done according to the laws. Also, ask for the government approved documents from the owner. Apart from that, you must check whether the house/land comes under Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike (BBMP) or not.

  1. Location:

This is one of the most important factors to look at as the location can impact your survival chances in that house. Because of the IT industry present in the city, the development can be seen all around. So, if you are planning to live in your new house, you must check the environment of the locality. How far is it from your office? How far is it from your children’s school? How about the distance you would have to cover to reach the nearest hospital or market? Consider these things before you buy.

  1. Amenities:

Out of all the things to consider, while searching houses for sale in Bangalore, there is no way you can neglect the amenities provided by the builder. People don’t step back before mentioning imaginary amenities just to attract more and more customers. Thus, it is your duty to differentiate the fantasy from the reality.

  1. Area of the house:

Just because the area is mentioned doesn’t mean that the house is going to be large enough. To understand this concept, you must know the exact meaning of area terms.

  • Carpet Area: Actual area of the house.
  • Built-Up Area: The Total area occupied by the carpet area and the house walls.
  • Super Built-Up Area: The total of Built-Up Area, Carpet Area, and comparable common area of the locality.

Usually, the prices mentioned are of the land per square feet based on super built-up area. Thus, before buying the apartment, know more about the calculating aspects.

  1. Budget:

Since Bangalore is a metropolitan city, you would have to set your budget standard higher. For that, you can even take up a home loan. However, before finalising the entire amount, you must keep a tab on all the costs. Check out whether there are hidden costs or not. How about the costs not mentioned by the owner but present in the documents? Check every single cost, read the documents carefully, then finalise your budget.

Purchasing a house is indeed a taxing task. Even a bit of negligence can lead to a huge loss. Thus, keep these factors in mind while buying a house in Bangalore and cherish this amazing experience forever.