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Three Muscle Building Secrets from Successful Bodybuilders

I started my bodybuilding carrier 15 years back. I trained harder in comparison with most of the beginners in the fitness center. I am not saying it to praise myself; but on the contrary, I am trying to reveal my faults. I was doing everything right, but still I was unable to enhance my muscle definition. All the information I gathered from different sources was of no use. Actually, there is a big difference between applying the right training methods and simply gathering information. Later I realized that I am not training my muscle, but I am overtraining them. Beginners also consume health supplements to increase their muscle size, but it is imperative to consult your physician. This is because there are many supplements, which are not labelled for human consumption.

After applying the scientifically proven strategies, I achieved good muscle size in 12 months, the same size I was unable to get in 3 years. I learned a secret from Ronnie Coleman that stimulate your muscle, do not annihilate them. He is one of the best bodybuilders of all times. When I went through his workout regime,irealized that I am doing more sets and repetitions than Ronnie Coleman, but that was of no use.

Basic exercises build bigger muscles

If you keep on doing countless sets of cable curls or concentrated dumbbell curls with inclined dumbbell curls, they cannot bring half the results as a 6 set weight pyramid can bring. The same rule is applicable when you to 50 sets of lack extensions, but only 20 repetitions of barbell squats will produce more muscles. When you will go through the exercise regimes of champion bodybuilders, you will find that they all are including squats, dead lifts, shoulder press and bench-press in their training.

Eat like a body builder

If you want to look like a body builder, you have to exercise and eat like a body builder. People who like eating may become happy after hearing this sentence. Actually, it is not about eating, it is about supplying your body with all the essential elements.

  • Protein

This is the most important element of the bodybuilder’s diet. It is responsible for maintaining and repairing the muscle tissues. Amino acids present in it contributes in muscle growth, you can take 1 g of protein per pound of bodyweight to increase your muscle size. You will get high quality protein from poultry, fish eggs, meat and dairy products.

  • Carbohydrates

Carbohydrate will increase blood sugar level and you will feel energetic. You can consume oatmeal, whole wheat bread, cereals and fruits.

  • Fats

You will get good fats from fish. Olive oil is the best and consume a tablespoon of it every day.

Get good sleep

You cannot grow bigger if you do not follow this rule. Sleeping for more than seven hours is essential to ensure the growth of your muscles. Bodybuilders sleep up to 9 hours or more depending on the requirement of their body. When you sleep, your body is at rest. This is the time when it releases growth hormones and other hormones responsible for the betterment of your overall health. There are certain supplements, which are not labelled for human consumption. Consult your physician before consuming any such supplement.