Air Rifles

Knowing More About Air Rifles

Air rifles are known for their powerful propulsion of metallic projectiles, arrows or even darts. They use compressed air gas in propelling projectiles, thus making it cost effective, environmental friendly and very easy to use. Air rifles vary in size and functionality depending on the purpose and the condition for use. Their use varies from hunting, pest control, competitive sport, or even recreational shooting.

There are varying methods of powering an Air Rifle.

Spring- piston

Spring-piston air rifle functions by a set of coiled spring-loaded pistons made of steel. These pistons are fixed within a compression chamber and separated from the barrel. Spring-powered rifles come in numerous designs such as the side lever, break barrel and the underlever. These rifles are preferred because they are easy to use, and have a lot of power. You only need to cock the gun once unlike others where you cock several times to attain maximum power.

Gas Spring

Some of these rifles can be powered using gas springs instead of mechanical springs. Air is pressurized and contained in a chamber built into the pistons. Rifles powered by gas springs are so effective that they can remain cocked and ready to fire for a long time. It is also devoid of long-term spring fatigue, and has lower recoil effect.


The type of rifles powered by the pneumatic means use compressed air as the main provider of energy to propel the projectiles. The pre-charged reservoirs are filled using a high-pressure hand pump, and the pump lever is designed to jam when the reservoir reaches the maximum pressure limit.

CO2 Powered Rifles

The CO2 powered rifles make use of disposable cylinders filled with carbon dioxide as projectiles. The method is advantageous because it offers power for successive shots in a compact package without complex cocking or refilling mechanism. These rifles are used for training since they are cheap and very safe for use.

The perception knowledge about air rifles is that they are affordable and easy to maintain since they are not complicated like other firearms. Rifles are more preferable because they are safe, environmental friendly and usable in all weather conditions.