Connection Between Sex And The Society

People are seen to be very hesitating talking about sex but it’s very important to openly talk about it. Sometimes avoiding it totally makes the body attracting various sexual diseases like erectile dysfunction and many more. When you talk about these issues openly good treatment opportunity comes to dealing with them. Cialis and Viagra are the drugs for treating the erectile dysfunction but it’s good to have them after doctor’s prescription. Actually when the question arises like whether sex is related to society or does they have any connection? Then we are going to discuss all in the answer.

Sex is related to health it is proven as it reduces the risk of stress and depression like issues. When we talk about sexuality and the gender there is various physical impact and mental well being but it is also true that these all are built by the different kind of societies. Sex in some societies it is the talk of just embarrassment or even discrimination bullying or violence but some societies it is the sell of happiness. But when we go through the positive results from the social media then it is the promotion of the healthy sex life that makes the good society and the family too.

There are very big questions that an individual and the society must think over to make it a common issue, not a problem. On what should we focus on to make it a positive action in front of society.

  • Promoting the positive side of the sexuality across the lifespan. Positivity makes the mind clear and reduces the sexual crimes.
  • Clear study about the hormonal, generic and neuroscience, gender and sexuality so that this knowledge helps in knowing own body well.
  • How can we combat sexuality and gender-based abuse as it totally affects the emotional and physical aspect of an individual’s personality?
  • Spreading the studies based on sexuality in schools and colleges to make it all happen as in positive aspect. As we are in the internet world so media and social sites can also help in making it all true and positive among youngsters as they are the one who is stepping towards the actual sex life.
  • Dealing with the best mental health consequences of misogynist and homophobic bullying.
  • Creating the better world of values and the positive role of the sexuality in society
  • Conducting the research on the sensitive issues that make the difference in the negative effects of society on sexuality and gender. To make the marginalized communities embrace all it is very important to conduct the researches.

Sex is the basic need of the human being and why not from the emotion, physical and intellectual aspects of one’s body is affected by sex. Sexual life is the factor that makes your life happy and healthy forever with your beloved partner. Have it safely and with a single partner to hold your life as healthy and happy.