Floor Mat: What You Need to Know About Them

A floormat like commercial floor mats welcomes your guests and invites them in. At the same time, the dirt should stick to it. We are talking about a doormat in the house entrance. A very simple yet practical product. Floor mats can be made from a wide variety of materials. Their design varies in color and various patterns, right down to individual requests to transform them into a one-of-a-kind.

What Different Floor Mats are There?

A distinction must be made between the following types of floor mats when purchasing.

  • Outdoor: As a rule, the doormat should be placed in front of the front door. Everyone who wants to enter takes off their shoes on her beforehand. This means that most of the dirt and moisture remains outside. An outdoor doormat must be designed to be particularly robust. Not every material is suitable for this.
  • Indoor: It happens that you cannot or do not want to put a doormat in front of the house entrance. In such cases, or as a supplement to the outdoor doormat, you can also lay one out indoors.
  • Dirt trap runner: If it’s a very large doormat, it’s more of a runner. A few meters of fibers are used to clean the shoes by themselves. Active stripping is not necessary here. Such a dirt control mat is suitable for buildings with a lot of visitor traffic. For example, for hotels, authorities, or the church.
  • Funny: Whether it’s inside or outside, a doormat doesn’t have to appear monotonous. It can be provided with funny motifs or a saying. In this way, it puts a smile on your guests’ faces – even before they even arrive in your four walls.
  • Car: The car floor mat is a special shape. Its shape must be adapted to the respective model. It can consist of synthetic fibers, aluminum, and other materials. It keeps the footwell clean and reduces its wear and tear.