Gay friendly city search

The Gay-friendly nomenclature itself shows that there are many cities that are not gay-friendly. What a pity, even with the advancements in science, behaviours sciences and psychology, the taboo is not wiped out completely. And stigma towards Gay is going to be there may be at a lower scale

Happiness factor

When Norway was declared as the happiest country in the world by the UN, the friendly nature of the country towards the visitors was one of the criterions. Similarly, the gay-friendly city should have the temperament to welcome the Parayas (outcasts) of the society as many an Orthodox clergy would like to call the Gays.

Municipal Equality Index

Human Rights Campaign in its 2016 Municipal Equality Index, a massive 500 American cities wanted to be in that ‘ I too ran’ list. Mostly that list is based on how comprehensive their policies and practices are for LGBT people. Strangely the number is coming down this year. Does that sound an alarm bell on the attitude of people on tolerance to Gays? Unfortunately, we are forced to believe that.

Of course, the situation is not all that bad as you will see a good number of Gay-friendly city searches here. That is a sigh of relief even though some cities are least tolerant.

The Non-discrimination law

Having a stingiest non-discrimination law is the essential but most difficult requirement to implement. There are cities that show the Gays the door without a second thought. The hate crime statistics and setting out anti-bullying policies is a clear indication of the public reaction to a real issue.  The authorities and societies are taking up the cause much more seriously than earlier.  Not that the outlook changed overnight, but a focussed endeavour by the Gay community, the law, and the clergy are liable to get the credit.

The Gay-friendly cities

San Francisco, West Hollywood, New York and Provincetown, Mass had managed to get a good score.  On the contrary Louisville, Ky., Atlanta and St. Louis—are still live on the past glory as conservative states. It seems that some people, as well as states, just do not want to change and adapt the non-discrimination protections for LGBT people.

The equality act

The atrocity against transgender is on the rise. The equality act in addition to the Non-Discrimination Act is finding prominence which will be on Gay-friendly city search.

We are tempted to fully endorse and agree with the activists exclaimed, “Cities can get stuff done, rather than getting bogged down in partisanship.”