We can see the use of computers in almost all the offices and workplaces near us. We can see many people working in offices sitting in front of computers all day but in the urge of doing a job and earning livelihood people forget what are the consequences they can face in the near future with the excessive use of computers.

Health issues related to the extra dose of work on computers

Most of the people who sit daily in front of computers have vision problems. Computers have bright colors and flickering images which may strain your eyes, and you make feel uncomfortable in seeing the objects nearby or far off from you. When you continuously sit in front of computers, you may feel that you do not blink for some time and this may result in dryness of Eyes. Most of the people have suffered many other health effects also due to the continuous use of computers and are relying on many medications. Viagra is also consumed by many people, and you can get it on online stores.

Make yourself and your health a Priority before your work

You may also feel pain in your muscles neck arms and other body parts due to continuous sitting. Increased stiffness can also be felt in your muscles, pain or swelling of the areas in which pain is there is common and is seen in many people who are working continuously on computers. Stress can also be seen in many people due to the workload they are bound by their jobs and in case of incomplete work they have to give extra time in front of computers screens to finish up the work.

Many people and children who are exposed to computer screens for a long time face the problem of obesity so you should make sure that you are involved in Physical activities more and more in order to ensure a healthy life.