HGH Injection for Bodybuilders and Therapeutic Use

In order to understand the effect of HGH in our body, we must know few details about this hormone. These days, bodybuilders and other athletes prefer various synthetic hormones to achieve good physique. However, synthetic hormones were not actually designed for that purpose.

HGH is generally produced by our pituitary gland and in case there is any dysfunction in the gland then one can take the drug to compensate for that. However, one has to get examined by the doctor to know how it boosts pituitary gland function.

Why people take HGH injection?

There are number of reasons why people prefer to take HGH injection. One of the most important reasons is to increase the muscle mass. It is therefore very popular among bodybuilders and athletes. Also, many who have crossed the age of 50 prefer to take this in order to slow down their aging process.

However, it is important to note that in various advanced countries, it is considered illegal to take HGH injection without any approval from the registered doctors. There is no doubt that it can help in the growth of tissues, muscles and bone strength, but it does result in increase of muscle strength. As far as anti aging property is concerned there are no scientific results available that prove that it can really stop physical decline due to aging.

Also, HGH injection is beneficial to those children, who are suffering from hormonal deficiency e.g. short stature at adolescent age. You can’t expect that by taking these injections you will never grow old.

Besides that there are possibilities of certain side effects like muscle, bone and joint pain along with edema, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Can HGH be used as a therapy?

Many doctors often prescribe their patients this injection as a HGH therapy and therefore it is available only with the prescription. While using HGH for therapy, the patient will be regularly monitored by doing series of blood tests, in order to check that the blood levels are within a healthy normal range. If there is too much hormonal growth then the patient may encounter several adverse side effects.

A child may be given HGH therapy for 5 days in a week and then be given off for next 2 days and start the cycle again.

HGH cycle for bodybuilders

For bodybuilders, the cycle may continue for 12 to 20 weeks for injections and 4 to 6 weeks with the oral supplements. Also, few other products need to be added in order to increase the muscle size.