How to make floor polishing more productive and effective?

Is it possible to make floor polishing more productive?

As we know that a highly used floor needs to be treated for about six times a year and every time the procedure took a significant amount of time. That’s why people don’t often do so and their floor becomes rough and matted. Because of the delay, it takes more time to repair the floor and cost more money to the owner who is not good.

First, let’s talk about traditional methods. If you’re using traditional methods then there is no scope for shortcuts. Using traditional methods to polish the floor is just like painting a wall. If you try to skip any step or try to speed up the process then it will become faulty and worn out soon.

What are some factors you must know for effective floor polishing?

The most important thing you must need to remember is what type of stripping chemicals you are using and how much dilution is needed according to floor thickness. However, people mostly buy lightweight Floor polisher [เครื่อง ขัด พื้น, which is the term in Thai] because they are easier to transport. What they don’t know is that heavy disc floor polisher with the right type of stripping pad is so much more efficient and speed up the process.

Another reason which affects the time consumed in floor stripping is how old the floor is and how well it was treated before. If a floor is not maintained properly and only stripped lightly and then coated with polish then it becomes almost impossible to deep-strip the floor after a while. It will require heavy machines, tougher and higher pad pressure and will consume more time and cost you more money. So, it’s better to use maintenance methods with cleaning regimes to avoid this kind of situation.