How to Select the Right Designer Cake for Your Wedding?

Choosing a wedding cake is likely to be one of the most favourite parts of wedding program. It comes under few decisions that are delightful. Of course, what can be better than tasting one delicious slice of cake after another just to make a choice?

However, it can be the tricky task too because you must keep many things in mind while considering a cake like the design, the flavour, size and needless to mention your wedding budget too. Today, designer wedding cakes are in trend and you can find many designer cakes online and in conventional bakeries.

To be on the safer side, it is always advised to order the cake at least two months before the wedding because once your reception site and style of your wedding is fixed you will have plenty of other things to do.

Here are few tips that can help you select the right designer cake for your wedding:

  • Unique:

As it is your special day, make sure to order a unique designer cake. The cake’s design should match the aesthetic of the day. Keeping your taste in mind, ask the bakers to add flavour. A formal wedding cake comes in structured or multi-layered style. Plan for what exactly you want. Choose a trendy and unique design. It should look ceremonial and grand.

  • Find the Perfect Baker:

There are many bakers in the market, but preparing designer cakes is not everyone’s cup of tea. Spend some time to meet the local bakers and check the sample cakes, but keep in mind not to make any promise till you check out at least 5-6 bakers. You can play with more colours with the cake you order for your special day. Apple green, orange, hot pink and brown are popular choices for wedding cakes. They are the medium to convey love on a special day. Utilise them to the fullest.

  • Follow Up:

It is always recommended to follow up with the baker after you have ordered the cake. You can share some photos of designer cakes from magazines or from the internet. Provide as much as information to your baker regarding your wedding dress colour, location, flowers to be used at the venue etc. This can help them design the best cake to go with your wedding theme.

  • Try a Cake Trend:

There are many trends in designer wedding cakes. Matching the bride’s dress to the cake is one of the hot trends these days. That’s not at all a bad idea. Make sure that your cake has a classic buttercream frosting – the real one for sure, which has a richer flavour than the modern frosting. Round and square shape cakes are out of fashion or rather they are more traditional. So, pick a shape that’s in trend.

  • Keep Your Budget in Mind:

It is always better not to exceed your limit in terms of budget. A good wedding cake designer will always help you keep your budget under control and at the same time best fulfil all your needs.

Get your designer wedding cake to perfection and celebrate your special day.