Hydroponic Gardening Tips: 2017

Many people when starting off with hydroponics fail, and this is generally because of one of three reasons:

  1. Lack of knowledge –people don’t know what to do
  2. Lack of discipline – people don’t put in time or effort
  3. Lack of ability – lack of appropriate supplies and experience

Failure however can be avoided providing that hydroponics growers are dedicated and that they follow leading tips and advice. Some of the best hydroponic gardening tips include the following:

  • Take time to research what equipment you need and why you need each item
  • Learn the nutritional requirements of each of the plants that you wish to grow in your hydroponics garden
  • Learn how much light the plants that you are growing are going to need
  • Use high quality hydroponic nutrients and not just the cheapest ones that you can find – read about these nutrients too as some are better for some plants than others
  • Before you start growing using your hydroponic system, write down your plan so that you know when you need to do things and so that nothing is missed
  • Make sure you have everything that you are going to need before you start
  • Keep the ballast for your lights in a different room if possible
  • Monitor and adjust your reservoir solutions every single day without fail
  • Make sure that your nutrient solutions does not face too much light
  • Always be prepared and have a reservoir of plain water waiting for your next nutrient solution change
  • Completely change your water and nutrients at least every two weeks
  • Use a digital timer to control your hydroponics setups dark period
  • Between crops it is imperative that you clean and sterilise you full system
  • Before introducing new plants to your garden you must quarantine them for two weeks
  • Don’t let plants in or near your hydroponic garden

  • Ensure that you purchase all of your hydroponics equipment from a reputable suppler such as: https://www.greenspirit-hydroponics.com/
  • If you are ever unsure about anything, ensure that you speak with your hydroponics supplier who will no doubt be delighted to assist and guide you
  • Always start by growing easy plants. Some of the easiest plants to grow in this way include spinach, lettuce, watercress, cherry tomatoes, peppers, kale and strawberries

These are of course only some of the hydroponics growing tips available too. If you are a hydroponics gardener and can think of any which we have missed, please do not hesitate to share these with us and everyone else so that we can all reap the benefits and grow hydroponically to the greatest of our abilities.