Identifying a shady car dealership

When there are so many car dealerships, it might be difficult to choose where to direct your energy to get a great deal. While there are those dealers that will offer you great prices accompanied by very little to no stress there will also be other dealers whose main objective is to make as much money from their customers as they can. In this article you will find a guide to help you identify the right dealership to focus on.

Pay attention to their advertising
To gain customers, car dealers must advertise their services. How cadillac dealership Framingham advertise themselves can tell you a lot about how they will treat you as a customer. Whenever you read or listen to an advertisement determine what their objective is. Are they informing you of the dealership or are they trying to lure you into their dealership? If they emphasize on add-ons and markups then they are targeting easy customers.

Read the reviews
It doesn’t matter how good they say their services are, do they have happy customers? Are the customers satisfied with the services provided or do they leave with complains? One way of finding out is by reading reviews from previous customers online. Chances are online they will be honest about their frustrations. Therefore, a cadillac dealership Framingham with a five star rating is a safer bet when compared to one with one star rating. Also pay attention to the complaints themselves. Are customers complaining of small offences or about damaged vehicles and shady contracts? If it is the latter you are probably better elsewhere.

How do they handle online sales
While the whole world is going digital dealerships should do the same. You can make use of your phone and email or combine the two methods to be effective. The car dealer should give you hard figures via email and if they choose not to you should move on. Customer service is also as important as the sale itself. They should therefore answer all your questions respectfully and giving as much information as they can. By using the phone and email you avoid long waits at the dealership since you instantly get a quote of your preferred model and make of the car you want. When a dealer keeps telling you to come in the dealership to talk about the price take this as a red flag and avoid falling into that trap.

Purchasing a car is a huge investment and it is important that you make informed decisions right from the start to avoid making an investment that is not sound. The above cues will help you identify the red flags and help you focus on stores without red flags.