Is Nickel Harmful to Your Health?

However, the nickel exposure you will learn about is more long-term than handing out change. There are workplaces that handle nickel every single day and must be very cautious in their work. Workers must take safety precautions to reduce nickel exposure. You don’t have to be in the workplace to be exposed to nickel. There are many products made with nickel, some you probably use every day. In this post, you will read about three situations where nickel exposure can occur.

Nickel Exposure in the Workplace: Many industries have employees that are working with raw nickel all of the time, especially metal workers. These workers must wear protective gear to ensure they do not inhale any materials. Nanoparticles release during the process of manufacturing nickel. It is the nanoparticles that cause the most danger for workers. Inhaling nickel has been shown to increase the likelihood of lung cancer occurring, in cases of long-term exposure. Steel manufacturing is where many cases of nickel overexposure occur. Most people are exposed to microscopic amounts of nickel throughout a typical day. However, spending upwards of eight hours a day working with nickel is where the highest chances for exposure occur.

Nickel in Jewelry: You don’t have to work in a manufacturing facility to be exposed to nickel. Jewelry is typically made to shine which makes nickel a popular metal choice for jewelry production. However, if you have a nickel allergy this kind of jewelry may cause an allergic reaction. A recent article by Dartmouth University states that scientists believe “nickel in jewelry dissolves in sweat absorbed into the skin.” If you are allergic to nickel, you can still have a wide array of earrings to wear safely. Certain companies will make nickel-free jewelry to help those suffering from nickel allergies. There are a great pair of nickel-free earrings at this website:

Nickel in Eyeglasses: There are certain eyeglass frames that contain nickel. The most common symptom to watch for is if rashes develop where the frames touch your skin. Nickel is a metal used to make many different things. If you are suffering from allergies throughout the year, you could have nickel in your eyeglass frames. There are specially made nickel-free eyeglass frames that are available for sale. Titanium frames are a popular choice to replace nickel with another sturdy metal. Plastic frames are a great choice for frames, especially if you go through them fast.

In closing, there are many ways that nickel exposure can occur. It’s important to know that everyone ingests small amounts of nickel in the air and food. You don’t have to stop touching nickels, as most risks only occur with long-term exposure to this metal. A recent paper published by the University of Agriculture in Krakow states that “about 10{9b91c1395f3eb746aa076993a3e59d4a658edbd62758f37219d4e6cd0e3c1d95} of women and 2{9b91c1395f3eb746aa076993a3e59d4a658edbd62758f37219d4e6cd0e3c1d95} of men” are highly sensitive to nickel. Nickel is often the culprit for allergies that you can’t explain. If you have been diagnosed with nickel allergies, there are many nickel-free alternative products available.