Noting The Few Tested Highly Effective Bonavar Dosages

Bonavar, a popular anabolic supplement used mainly to build up muscles in faster and safe mode. Its generic name is Oxandrolone having androgen as well as anabolic qualities. The Bonavar is grouped with C17-aa family. The drug is recommended by medical professionals for patients treated for chronic ailments as they have lost their body weight drastically.

The reasons behind the popular selling of Bonavar:

  • It aids in gaining tremendous strength of muscles by stimulating the function of phosphocreatine synthesis in the cells of the muscles.
  • It does not favor estrogen qualities. Thus users will be safe from their body bloating due to water retention and from suffering the symptoms of Gynecomastia.
  • It does not rise up the production of testosterone hormone like other steroids.
  • It doesn’t influence catabolism of muscle. Thus there is negligible chance of gained muscle mass to reduce after you stop taking the drug.

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The beneficial dosage proportions of Bonavar:

The package usually contains tablets in 2.5mg and 10 mg strength. The former dosage level is best for novice users of steroid and for women users. Taking this dosage level for first few weeks will help in safe guarding yourself from the health issues associated with Bonavar. The 10mg dosage level is preferred by regular consumers of steroid mainly to gain massive strength to stay ahead in their chosen athletic field. It has been reported that fitness seekers doing strenuous exercises for hours, like to have the dosages continuously for maximum six weeks.

Person suffering from severe ailments, pregnant ladies, lactating mothers and patients treated for health disorders related to liver. Taking the dosages in higher proportion a day, continuing to consume the tablets or having inferior quality steroid dosages will pave way for falling sick because of health issues.

The main side effects are:

  • Suppressing the natural production of testosterone hormone.
  • Women users experience qualities related to men.
  • Ladies face issues regarding their regular menstrual cycle.
  • Men observe excess hair on their face and lose their scalp hair.

To prevent side effects spoiling general health of its consumer, medical practitioners advise to combine the dosages with other steroid generating less androgenic qualities. Bonavar can’t be bought without producing prescription in many countries. However you can have Bonavar tablet which contains 2.5mg oxandrolone from reputable online steroid vendors. Know more about the right dosages from the posts of its regular users and blogs written by medical professional in web links.