Online Reputation Expert Reveals SEO Hackers

Online reputation expert, Herman Tumurcuoglu, is exposing the realities of the web search industry and search engine optimization (SEO) services. The pioneer of the web search industry is fighting a fraud battle along with a few other industry pioneers. By now, business owners and business professionals should be aware that a 99$ SEO job is not effective, promising, reliable, or credible work. After graduating from Carleton University, the online reputation expert contributed to the development of one of the first search engines and then moved on to personal consulting in the web search industry.

The current reality of the industry is that there are many hacks that are known and on the Internet about how to perform SEO services. These SEO services, for the most part, are offered by individuals that are trying to make a quick dollar or two. As a result, these individual do not have the experience or understanding of search engine algorithms to back up their work.

Although there are legal issues and greater issues involved, the greatest according to the online reputation expert is morality. Due to the fact that all the information online is completely memorable (recorded information), each online reputation should be handled with care. Therefore, outsourced SEO is not a favorable option for business professionals. The information tied to your name online should remain confidential and applied with strategies that have been proven. SEO hackers are in every corner of the Internet and in every SEO network. Signs of hackers include poor content and grammar content creation, lack of testimonials, lack of credibility and effective experience, location (avoid Asian country services), and willingness of the service provider to negotiate, talk on the phone, and interact with the consumer.

Tumurcuoglu highly encourages business professionals to seek credible work. When researching online reputation experts and negotiating contracts, they should request testimonials from previous clients that are pleased with the services, credibility certificates, and proof of experience.