Optimization of the title tag for improving the rank of website

Title tag should not be confused with the heading of the page. Title of the website is the name that is displayed on the title bar on the web browser’s windows. It can also be seen when your favorite webpage is bookmarked. Title gives them an idea what the content is about and whether he/she should proceed to reading or not. In the digital marketing, content plays an important role in the success of the website and ultimately the business. There are many businesses that are not been able to witness a success even after writing the best content on their website. One of the most common reasons can be that such websites either do not have the suitable title or their titles are not optimized for the search engine. If you want your website to be ready for search optimization, make sure that every webpage of your website should have unique title. It helps in gaining attention from the readers.

Title tags for optimization

Title tags are the most important attributes of the on page SEO. These are basically the Meta tag. While giving the title to the webpage, it is important to include keyword in the title. It is the cheapest way to optimize the title for the search engine. Hence, it enables the search engine to pick your website instantly and list it on the top ranks when someone makes searches on the search engine with the same keyword.  This helps in improving the rank of website on the search engine list.

 To write the title tags for optimization, title tags should not exceed the character limit of 70. If possible keyword should be placed in the beginning of the title. Make sure that title should not be separated with punctuation marks unless mentioned in the keyword. Do not duplicate the title tag for your webpage. Every page should have the unique title tag according to the content on that page.