Popular flower girl dresses that you should consider

When you are planning to buy a beautiful dress for your wedding’s flower girl, here are a few types of dresses you can consider. The dresses listed here are popular flower girl dresses that are popular. These dresses would look beautiful on the little angel who would be a flower girl at your wedding. Do keep these dresses in mind, when you buy the dress for your flower girl.

Ball gown dresses

A ball gown is a traditional wedding dress that looks good even on the bride. This dress could look great when worn by a little girl. The dress flows down below the waist in an inverted bell shape. While this dress looks extremely good, handling it may be a bit tough for younger girls. This dress would be perfect for a slightly older girl.

Ivory dress

This is a standard dress, the most popular one worn by most flower girls. Ivory is of course, not white, it is referred to as off-white. This is a common dress that would resemble the bride’s dress. It is the most common flower girl dress.

Designer dresses

When grown-ups can wear designer dresses, why can’t the little ones? Designer flower girl dresses are those that have exquisite designs on the dress. They enhance the appearance of the dress and make the girl look beautiful. These dresses are popular and stylish.

Satin dress

The flower girl dress using satin as the material glows and presents an excellent look. It is soft and looks silky. Satin gowns are popular and would look good on the flower girl.

Sequin dresses

A sequin is a disc that is reflective and shiny. It looks great on little girls. Apart from sequin, dresses can have other design elements. A floral design with sequins is a great dress option for your flower girl. This is a very popular dress.

White with colored designs

White is the traditional color of flower girl dresses. A white dress with colored designs on it would look good. Flower designs on the white dress especially at the hemline are popular. They look good and make the wearer stand out. This is a great dress option to consider.

Lace dresses

Lace is a traditional favorite for bride and bridesmaid dresses. Lace enhances the beauty of the dress. Lace can be used at the hemline or even the entire dress can be made from lace. This is a popular dress type to wear at a wedding.

Printed dresses

Traditional white or light colored dresses are usually preferred at weddings. But, nowadays colored dresses are popular. Colored printed dresses would look good especially for little girls. Instead of the same old white dress, a colored printed dress with flowers and other such printed designs would make the dress appear colorful. These dresses would definitely be liked by the little ones.


There are many popular flower girl dresses. These dresses look good on your flower girl and enhance her appearance. You can consider these dresses when you decide to buy the dress.