Reasons to Hire a Car Accident Attorney

Driving a car is one of the most common forms of transportation in the country. While it is generally considered a safe way to get around, car accidents are still very common. In some situations, car accidents can lead to significant auto damage, injuries, and even death. If you have been involved in a car accident, it would be a good idea to hire an attorney. A car accident attorney, such as those at Davis Saperstein & Salomon, can provide you with a number of different services which can help to ensure you are properly represented.


When you are involved in a car accident, the following legal process can be very confusing. Depending on your situation, the accident may require you to seek compensation and reimbursement for the other party involved in the crash. Your attorney will be able to explain what exactly the next steps will be, what your likelihood of success will be, what the potential costs and time commitment will be, and be able to answer any of your questions. This will help to ensure that you are fully prepared for any future legal proceedings.

File Legal Paperwork

Depending on the case, you may have filed paperwork with the local police office immediately after the crash. However, if this has not taken place, then the attorneys will help you file this paperwork. This will be the first step in either a criminal or civil case and will give a clear piece of evidence and documentation about what caused the crash to occur, who was at fault, and what the resulting damages were.

Negotiations with Other Party

After the accident, the next steps involved will be to start discussing the situation with the other parties involved. If you are looking to potentially file a lawsuit against the other driver or the other insurance company, it will require your attorney to file a lawsuit or start the legal process by filing a legal demand notice. In some other cases in which you are not at fault in an accident, but the other party does not have insurance, the attorney could be used to collect from your own insurance company. This will likely be done through a no-fault insurance claim on your comprehensive policy.

Prepare and Present Civil Case

If you have sent in a demand for reimbursement from the other party and you were either denied or ignored, the next step would be to take the case to the court system. Preparing a case for court can take a lot of time and effort and will require legal expertise for it to be done correctly. Once the case is prepared, the attorney will be able to present it to the court and handle any deliberations.

In conclusion, if you have been involved in a car accident, it would be a good idea to hire an attorney. These attorneys have a proven track record in helping clients receive the compensation they deserve from either the other party of the insurance company.