Some Of The Advantages Of Photography

Thinking about it, we went further. We organized my thoughts and put them down on paper. we discussed with some people the importance of photography and always asking the same questions:

  • How important is photography in your life?
  • How important is photography in your customers’ lives?
  • What is the importance of photography for human existence?

What worried me were the answers. Almost always, silent, empty, accompanied by faint sounds, stuttering, or some joke that made the response situation disappear. Conclusion: Not even photographers nowadays know or direct their work based on the importance that photography has. Then can predict that everything will only get worse if it continues like this.

Cognitive Importance – Memory

Mute is made of memory.  Memory is everything from my point of view. Without memory, there is no interpretation or meaning in anything at all. Be it physical, genetic, energetic, virtual, or cognitive memory, and it doesn’t matter. Everything only exists because of memory. But going deeper here is something a little more complex, so let’s fix the thinking on the issue that the memory of what we live, what we feel, who we know is what will be, for the most part, responsible for who we will be in the future. So, let’s remember what’s good and in the best way possible. This will become very important in shaping “who am I” in the future.

Psychological Importance – The Stimulus

To remember something or someone, need to be stimulated. We usually get this stimulus of our own volition, wanting to remember and remember, just like that, because everything we’ve lived, known in the past, is stored in our brains. We don’t remember everything for lack of stimulation because it’s there. It is stored somewhere. Good or bad, it’s there. We have a stimulus to remember. Photography is a great visual stimulus to remember people, places, situations, etc. With it comes the smell, the touch, and all sorts of possible kinesthetic memories. Furthermore, the stimuli provided by the images extraordinarily serve the market, encouraging us to choose, decide, feel, buy, invest, sell, eat, love, etc.