The Importance of Air in Plant Growth

As we all know, the process of photosynthesis takes part in plants and without it, nothing living would be on earth at this given moment both underwater, up in the skies and down on the ground.

A main step of photosynthesis is the environment around the plant. This includes:

  • Light
  • Air
  • Temperature
  • Moisture Levels

Air Pollution in the agricultural growth of plants is not really looked at when people begin to grow plants but it’s insanely vital towards the longevity, production and growth of plants. Below is why we should always take care of the air around the plants and vegetation during growth and production.

Vital Signs of Air Pollution Towards Crops

First you must know the signs of air pollution so if you are growing, you are able to easily pick out and solve any pollution problems before you possibly loose the life and longevity of your plantation.

The signs can include; A shortened lifespan, a weaker crop, necrotic lesions (Dead skin tissues which create visible markings on the outside of the plant), and yellowing of discolouring of your plants.

What Can Be Changed or Used to Prevent/Discourage Air Pollution?

Many agricultural grows now a days use the process of Hydroponics. This is due to the many factors of the environment and growth than can be changed by a simple push of a button or by a simple piece of equipment. As we are focusing on the importance of clean air within plants, here is some main pieces of equipment that are insanely encouraged to ensure maximum growth and safety of your plants.

Getting a grow tent is a main part of keeping the air conditions level. This ensures the air inside is contained, and these pieces of equipment can also come with what’s called a ‘ventilation hole’ or ‘ventilation system’ installed. (These are usually used in the cultivation of medicinal marijuana, but also provide optimum conditions for the growth of any other plantation.)

Another great piece of equipment to use for a pure, bacteria free growth environment are Air Fans!

Air fans are exactly what they sound like. They are placed through a ventilation hole leading out of the grow area to feed in the air from outside, ensuring a constant fresh batch of air. What makes these useful is not the air fan in itself, but the carbon filters found in the air fans. The carbon filters are used to filter any micro-bacteria and filter through the air to make it purer. The quality, shape and grade of the carbon in the filter system is essential as you need to provide as much air flow as possible.

Now we have covered the basis for air quality in plants, it’s time to wish you a happy and healthy grow!