The Ruger Vaquero Holsters – Where Strength Meets Beauty

The Ruger Vaquero is a single-action revolver with six shots. This traditional Old-West style gun came to be popular with the Cowboy Action Shooting Competition. This elegant looking gun is powerful and reliable. Due to it being a single-action revolver it is not made for self defence as one needs to cock the hammer before every trigger. Apart from being used in Cowboy Action Shooting, it has a certain appeal for gun collectors with its old-world charm and strong build.

With your Ruger Vaquero, you will need a holster that suits this beautiful gun. While the Ruger Vaquero is touted as a strong and accurate gun for shooting, this gun’s appeal lies in its looks. This gun requires a holster that compliments its looks as much as it holds it secure. A Ruger Vaquero holster must be a great looking holster that also protects and provides accessibility.

The Ruger Vaquero was designed to fit the Cowboy world and there is no other choice of a Ruger Vaquero holsters than a leather holster. As the gun is not meant for Concealed Carry, you will find Ruger Vaquero holsters that have been beautifully handcrafted with intricate detail that can match with the irrefutable beauty of the gun.

Understated beauty Vs Ornate

There are several options to choose from – tan leather or black; simple smooth finish or decorative – whatever your choice, your Ruger Vaquero holster, must suit your personal style as well!

Shoulder holster Vs Over the Waistband

The Over the Waistband or OWB holsters are a great choice for your Ruger Vaquero. You could also choose a shoulder holster if that is a style you are more comfortable with. However, the OWB holster can give you more options.

Drop Holsters Vs High Holsters

You will find several options for Drop Holsters with an equally beautiful Western style gun belt to go with it. The Drop holster basically refers to how the holster sits below the waist, closer to your thigh.

Open top Vs Retention

The Ruger Vaquero is often used or carried only in specific situations like a competition and is not for everyday carry. So in this case you can very well opt for an Open Top design without a retention device that keeps it in place. The friction of the leather itself should secure your gun well enough. Or else for better retention you could opt for a Ruger Vaquero holster with a thumb-break.

Paddle holsters Vs Pancake holsters

The paddle holster provides a clip to retain the holster on the belt and the pancake holster consists of two pieces of leather that are joined together. A paddle holster gives a sleek and compact look.

Cross Draw Vs Strong side

Some holsters are specially designed for cross draw. You will need to also make sure that it is conducive for a right or left handed person according to your preference.

All things considered, there are several choices of Ruger Vaquero holsters in the market and it is hard to go wrong as long as you suit your purchase to your personal preferences.