The Shower of Bonuses at Slotxo

When compared to traditional casinos, online gambling sites provide high bonuses and offers. And the slots are no less to other games in providing such offers and bonuses. Not every website gives you the reward of what they advertise, some are just scams to attract people and snatch their money.

Among this competing online gambling world, slotxo provides genuine services and best offers to its gamblers. This article gives you a glimpse of various bonuses waiting for you at the slotxo website:  

The welcome bonus / New member Bonus:

This act of welcoming the newbies to the site by providing a special bonus makes every newcomer excited. What would be a better way than receiving the newcomers by giving a bonus reward? And this bonus is not in a tiny amount, you become eligible to receive a whopping 120% bonus of the amount you have deposited.

The very rare website provides a full bonus, yet slotxo gives more than that. You can use this amount to place your bet as you wish and win further.

Deposit bonus:

Whenever you deposit an amount at this site, 10% of it will directly go to your account. The Welcome Bonus is given only once when you enter into this field, the deposit bonus is provided each time you pay the slotxo website to access its games and slots.

Therefore, without playing or making even a single move, you get a good percentage of your money back. This again is a reason why most professional gamblers choose this site for gambling.

Referral bonus:

If you with your friends to take part in gambling with you at slotxo, you can very well welcome them with your referral link. And guess what? You will be provided for it too! Even though you are inviting your friends to have fun, the site offers a referral bonus when someone joins using your link.

Not just your friends, any person who joins the site via your link makes you eligible to acquire this bonus. Therefore, you can post the link on your social media sites and gather your fellow mates.

Special birthday bonus:

If you are a frequent customer of this site, do not worry regarding the expenses you need to spend on your birthday. You will be eligible to win a special birthday bonus of up to 500 baht as the jackpot. You can use this chance of how much luck this birthday is to shower on you.

Bonus to build hope:

While playing gambling, there are chances for both victories and losses. When you win, you feel joyous and the amount you receive would be many times more than what you have deposited. On the other hand, when you face losses, you might have a feel for getting a second chance to use that money and play well.

Slotxo also provides you with that option. You will be able to receive 5% of the amount you have lost throughout the month. And this can be utilized to place further bets.

You receive all these bonuses accompanied by experts’ customer service, high-end graphic games, and many more at slotxo. Visit the site now and receive all these bonuses and fill your pocket.