Things to know about in-game features and playzone of the warzone game

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Call of duty: Warzone

You would have played several games of Call of duty. If you have not checked the new version of the game’s single part known as a warzone, you would get to know the overview of the gameplay zone and important in-game features in this article. Although you can make your game easy with cheats like warzone aimbotit is necessary to know these things about the game. 

Health Armor

The most important thing you will be protected in the game is your health. If a player attacks you with a pistol and you are unarmed, you will die within seconds. There will be a health meter that will start from 100 and go low as you get attacked. To counter this, you can use the default health armor known as armor plates that you will get by default. There will be two default armors for you, and you can accumulate extra plates during the game through loot boxes. You can also buy them from buy stations using the accumulated cash. If you get Armor Sachet, you can store up to eight health shields at once.  


Weapons in the game will be similar to all other shooting and battle games like pistols and guns. There will be weapon tiers that will have specific attachments based on the rarity of attaining them. If you want to stand out from your opponents, you can make innovative weapons with the equipment you have. These innovative weapons can give you an advantage over other opponents as they do not know the kind of attack you are about to give. 

Buy stations

We were saying that you can buy the equipment you want with the cash accumulated during the gameplay. However, there should be a place on the map where you can buy these items. This place is known as a buy station. It will consist of several necessities like armor bundles, killstreaks, weapons, revival kits, and many more. Based on your strategy and needs, you should prioritize these items and get them with your cash. 


The place where the game takes place is known as the play zone. In a warzone, the play area will be reducing in size during a battle royale game, while remains stable in a plunder game. The shrinking of the play area means that the players should stay within the green-colored area to stay alive. You can consider this as the oxygen of the battle royale environment. It is to reduce the number of players as much as possible by accumulating them to a narrow place at the end of the game. But there will not be any shrinkage in the plunder mode of the game. 


In battle royale mode, if a player is dead, he will not quit the game at that instant. Instead, he will move to a Gulag, where he will be facing another dead player face-to-face with the same armory. The winner of this match-up can go back to the game and resume, while the loser should quit or become a spectator of the game.