Things You Should Know About Gifting Pearls as Professional Jewelry

Pearls have held the fascination of women through centuries. It is a timeless heirloom. With changing power dynamics of gender, women are asserting their presence in all the public spheres. To add the sense of strength and fluidity to women’s prowess, pearls are the best gift that you can give her.

For someone in the financial or legal world, she needs to look collected and crisp. To augment the power suit that she wears, black Tahitian pearls are the perfect choice. These only-black pearls will make her look sharp and ready to seal the deal.

If she is into the field of public speaking or politics, she is expected to fix all eyes in the audience on her and their mind on her arguments. A strong set of pearls will help her in her game. Baroque pearls are the best candidate. A pearl pendant necklace of Baroque pearls can hypnotise any audience. These pearls are known for their naturally irregular shapes, that gives beauty and elegance to any creation.

If your lady in question comes from a managerial or administrative sector, she oozes the ultimate convincing power to get any work done, with the limited resources on any project. Pink pearls will enhance her persona, as someone who can seamlessly convince her colleagues, clients and seniors, to work for a common mission.

In case, the lady is in a teaching position, she exudes both sternness and confidence in her pupils and colleagues. Pink and golden South Sea pearls will give her extra voltage to this aura of hers. If she is an academician or researcher, her persona demands something that would highlight her single-minded focus on her research. Akoya pearls with their white to grey neutral colours are best suited.


For gifting her pearl jewellery takes a little bit of research from your side. One, you need to know what jewelry would complement her position. Two, the basic personality trait she exudes in her professional sphere, like whether she is the classy type or the bold bohemian type. These are a few tips and tricks to decide on the perfect piece of jewellery for her.