Time To Rejoice Love With A Homemade Black Forest Cake

Are you looking for an excellent gift for the loved one of your life? You might want to purchase those stylish cloths, bags or any other products that you see in a shopping malls and gift your special one as a present. However you might have no idea about what to give to your special someone even if you have known each other for a long period of time. Sometime you might feel no matter how much expensive the items are but still these do not seem perfect enough to give as a present. Hence, finally you end up feeling clueless and you just can’t pick the right gift your lover.

If you really want to make your gift something really special and heart touching for your loved one, you should definitely focus on making it personalized. For instance, you can actually try to baking a delicious cake and present it as a gift to the most special person of your life. If you don’t have enough time for baking a cake for yourself, you can also order delicious cakes online as there are many online cakes stores offer amazing ranges of cakes that come with different sizes, shapes and flavors.

If you really want to bake a cake by yourself then you should know how to make a very delicious Black Forest cake. Now you might be wondering what’s the reason behind baking a Black Forest cake only. Well, it’s easy to make and it takes less amount of time than other types of cakes. Now it’s time to check out this easy to follow recipe-

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This particular recipe of Black Forest cake features the great taste and texture of cream cheese and this is exactly what makes the cake exquisite  and extra special.

Now it’s time to know about the ingredients :

12-15 pieces of chocolate sandwich cookies and make sure these cookies come with cream filling.

16 oz of softened cream cheese

3/4 cup of white sugar

1/3 cup of cocoa powder

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Large eggs, 2 pieces

21 oz Cherry pie feeling

1/2 cup thawed whipped cream

Procedure :

Cut the top portion of the cookies and crush them finely and put them aside. Put the remaining half of the cream filled cookies in a muffin cup and cover it with aluminum.

Now you need to use a bowl to mix the cocoa powder, vanilla, cream cheese and sugar properly. It would be really good if you use an electric mixer to blend it perfectly. You must check the right consistency of the batter and make sure it is smooth, fluffy and light. Now drop in the eggs and keep beating it.

It’s time to pour the mixture to the muffin cup and sprinkle the top of the batter with cookie crumbs. Don’t forget to save some cookie crumbs for later use and then you need to start baking the cake for 25 minutes and maintain the temperature  at 325 degree F, until the cake is ready and you can be sure whether the cake is baked or not.

Once the cake is done, now allow the cake to cool completely and serve it with cherry pies.

Serving this cake to your loved one would definitely touch the chord of his/ heart.