Travelling with a Pre-Existing Condition: Why You Need Insurance

You finally reached retirement age and have found the time to travel the world. However, your pre-existing condition has brought up some concerns. Some people with pre-existing conditions, such as hypertension or diabetes, feel that their conditions are a reason to stay home and never explore the world around them. The truth is that most people with pre-existing conditions are absolutely able to travel and most are encouraged to do so while said conditions are under control.

If you worry that your condition might be a risk to you while travelling, ask yourself a few questions about your condition. For example, take stock of which medications you absolutely must take and then look to see if you have enough to handle a delay while away from home. Also take into account your symptom triggers and the type of travel plans that might put you in more danger than others.

Finally, visit your doctor to get a realistic consultation about travel and to learn if you are healthy enough to do so. These professionals can help you decide your best course of action, which areas of the world are best, and even how to minimize risk while away. The more you know about your own condition, the less likely you are to run into a dangerous situation while abroad.

Once you know you want to travel, you must make travel insurance that covers medical conditions your top priority while making plans. Whether you plan to take just one trip or several over the course of the year, you cannot afford to step outside your home without such insurance. Healthcare systems do not extend beyond the borders of your home country, and medical travel insurance is the only way to keep yourself financially protected in the event of a problem.

A Little Now for a Lot Later

The more you do to protect yourself right now, the more you could save yourself from during an emergency while you travel. For example, you and your loved ones could plan a trip across the pond to New York City, and you suddenly experience a serious symptom of your condition. Without medical travel insurance, you would be billed for the ride in the ambulance, the time spent in hospital, medication, and any tests performed during your stay, which can all add up to tens of thousands of American dollars.

However, medical travel insurance policies are similar to any other type of insurance in that you pay a small premium now to save those thousands later on. By filling out medical screening and getting your condition and other medical needs covered, you could avoid the bill of spending time in a hospital away from home. The cost of emergency transportation alone could leave your holiday plans ruined.

Emergency Evacuation

Once you find a reliable and affordable insurance policy, be sure that it has emergency evacuation included as part of the coverage. If you were to fall dangerously ill while on a cruise and far from the nearest hospital, your travel insurance would cover the cost of an emergency evacuation via helicopter. Before you receive a single curative procedure or medication, the trip from the ship to the medical facility itself could be costly, making it crucial that you have coverage.

The more you do for yourself now, the more comfortable you will be as you travel from one corner of the world to another. Most pre-existing conditions are completely benign and more likely to cause discomfort than a serious medical emergency. That said, you cannot fail to disclose your pre-existing conditions, such as a stroke or hypertension, even if you no longer suffer from such symptoms.


If you are required to take certain medications every day, you may be able to find a medical travel insurance capable of covering lost or stolen medication. The insurance policy would pay for your medication’s replacement up to a certain amount if your luggage were to become lost or if your medication were to be stolen. This way, you never need to worry about the potential outcome of missing your dose.

All of that said, you must remember to practice certain preventive measures in regard to your medication and keeping enough with you for your trip. It is in your best interest to bring enough medication to cover two or three additional days during your trip. Flight delays, traffic, severe weather, and more could cause your holiday plans to run a day or two longer than you had anticipated.

By having enough medication with you, and by keeping it in your carry-on luggage whenever possible, you can avoid missing out on crucial medication. If you were to lose your medication, be sure to contact your insurance provider immediately to help get the process started. The faster you respond to a loss of medication, the less likely you are to see any symptoms or problems begin because of it.


Although some medical conditions may cause your premium to raise slightly, this is only to cover the additional policy requirements for your safety. Remember, even paying a few pounds more right now can end up saving you thousands later on by helping you pay for a serious issue. In addition to helping you keep yourself protected medically, this policy will help you with other aspects of your trip.

Cost-effective medical travel insurance will cover all of the same things traditional travel insurance takes into account, such as flight cancellations or missed port-of-calls. For example, if you were to arrive late for your cruise and miss the ship, your insurance would help you reclaim lost money due to missing a leg of the trip and help you organise transportation to the next port-of-call. Only travel insurance can help you enjoy the rest of your cruise, especially if you really wanted to take one this year.

The money you save in the long run along with the protection you enjoy with your policy should make this option a solid one to consider. When you have a pre-existing medical condition, first check with your physician to ensure you are healthy enough to handle travel. Once you know you can, find a reliable medical travel insurance policy to protect yourself.