What is GED and how will it help in your high educational endeavors?

If you are a student then you must be aware what it means to have an educational degree in today’s world. But most of the times students tend to drop out of educational institues for a variety of reasons. But once they reach a mature age they understand how wrong it was to drop out of a degree course or high school per say. But now the modern education system is giving second chances to every dropout. Like if you as a student dropped out of high school then you now can get equivalent school degrees from foreign countries by simply passing the GED exam. Now many of you may wonder What is GED ( GED คืออะไร , which is the term in Thai).

What is the SAT exam and how it helps you?

A generalized educational degree otherwise known as the GED exam is a test where the students can choose the subject of their convenience and give the test. By passing this test a student gets the high school level equivalent certificate. With this certificate then he can apply in higher educational institutions in the future. Apart from GED there is also Scholastic aptitude test also known as the sat exam (sat สอบ , which is the term in Thai) which helps people to get into foreign higher educational institues. The sat is a common test for all the students who wants to study in foreign Universities and institues. Sat and GED are now available in Thailand as well.

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