Have you paid attention to your bathroom lately? What does it need to give it that extra oomph? Perhaps you need to install some stone basins in it? Stone basins may sound intimidating to most homeowners, but they truly aren’t. They bring in that coveted feel of luxury into your bathroom. Hiring professionals to install your stone basin can burn a large hole in your pocket. What if you want to install your own stone basins at home? What would you need? Before you start your project, remember to remove the garbage disposal by twisting the locking collar in the counter clockwise direction after you unplug the unit. Also, turn off the cold and hot water sides of your tap. When you do these, you can get started. Below are some of the tools you require to install stone basins:

Monkey or pipe wrenches. You need two of these wrenches for holding the upper collar as you turn the locking ring (counter clockwise). Turning may require some effort if the installation is old.
Large slip-joint wrenches. You can use these in place of pipe wrenches because they weigh a third of a pipe wrench. It is also easier to use and handle.
Utility knife. This breaks the seal between the sink and the sink strainer that is created by its age and the plumber’s putty.
Spray lubricant. You need to have a spray lubricant like WD-40 on the sink’s locking parts, especially if the installation is old.
Plumber’s putty. This creates a seal between the new sink strainer basket and the sink, the moment you install the new stone basin.
Scrubbing pad. You need this to clean the drain rim thoroughly, after removing the old sink strainer basket. You can also use steel wool, but make sure you take care not to chip or scratch the weak porcelain coating on the sink’s bottom.

For more information about stone basins, feel free to visit bathroomwarehouse.com.au. Stone basins can transform your bathroom into a luxurious haven, if you know what you need to install them.