A Look at The Different Types Of Bongs

With the widespread legalization of marijuana, more and more individuals are in the market for bongs. There are many different types that you can purchase. Today we are going to take a look at these various types and hopefully help you determine what is the ideal bong for you.


This is by far the most popular type of bong. It creates a pure and clean taste. You can physically see if there is an unnecessary resin build up that may need to be cleaned from the bong.


Purchasing a plastic bong is fairly inexpensive and they are much more durable than their glass counterparts. These are typically the best option for those who travel since there is a very low likelihood you can break this type of bong.


These bongs are the heaviest to the touch due to the ceramic material they are made out of. They come in a ton of different designs and colors. These can be more on the expensive side, but they provide a unique bong for the crafty person.


Metal is another durable material that is great for those who are a little careless with their bongs. These tend to last for long periods of time. In addition, since metal is plentiful and requires little craftsmanship it is typically at a cheaper rate than other types of bongs that are available.


Bamboo bongs provide a feel like no other. The unique texture provides a smooth, but sturdy bong that will last for a very long time before degrading. These typically come with many ornate designs.


These types of bongs are known for their very smooth taste. The neck of the pipe has multiple glass partitions that split the smoke up multiple times before it ever reaches your mouth. These work to catch more tar and the water cools down the smoke more than traditional bongs. These provide some of the cleanest hits you’ll ever have. You can see what these look like at https://www.smokecartel.com/collections/scientific-glass.


These bongs provide something the rest just doesn’t. An icy chill to each hit. These freezable bongs come with a removable inner chamber. This allows you to remove it and put it in the freezer. The best part is that you can get that chilling hit without having to deal with melting ice from your bong.


These bongs are ideal for those who like to be organized and those frequent travelers. These cases bongs come in many different designs and offer sturdy protection. There is typically room for all parts of the bong to be neatly stored in the case so you don’t miss any of your pieces.


This bong is ideal for parties and for sharing with friends. Most multi-outlet bongs come with four detachable tubes that allow multiple smokers to ensure the experience of smoking together.

Now that you know the different types of bongs that are out there, you can be better educated to find the one that fits perfectly for you.