Repairing Online Reputations in 2017

Online reputation repairing will only get harder as Google’s algorithm gets more sophisticated. Montreal based reputation management expert, Herman Tumurcuoglu, is dedicating the majority of his time in 2017 to finding and understanding new patterns and plug-ins in Google’s algorithm. As SEO experts and online reputation services get more refined all over the world, Google is staying ahead of their tricks to maintain the integrity and the credibility of organic search results.

As a result of Google refinements and continuous maintenance of organic search results, the algorithm is less responsive to old SEO tactics and strategies which justifies Tumurcuoglu’s pattern testing and searching. This means that online reputation repairing is becoming increasingly harder. Thus, instead of waiting until your online reputation gets to the point of needing repairing, there are simple actions you and your business can take to ensure positive branding online:

  1. Cultivate a Healthy Reputation – Building relationships in business and in our personal lives does not happen over night. The process of trusting someone and building a foundation together takes time. In the same way, business professionals should be treating their reputations as foundations for their futures. This means that being diligent about what you are posting online, creating a brand image, and watching over your online reputations are necessary.
  2. Understand Memory – As stated before, being diligent about what you are posting online is essential for your long-term success. Databases do not forget. This mean that repairing your online reputation can take months and years if you let your online reputation get away from you.
  3. Quality Content – The quality of the content you post onto your personal and business profiles are what creates a brand image for you and for your company. Content development takes time, especially when you are putting a face to the name digitally for consumers.

Understand the value of your online reputation before you are calling Herman Tumurcuoglu to repair your online reputation!