Are Hydroponically Grown Plants Better Than Organic?

The theory of growing plants without soil is bound to raise a few question on just how good these plants can be. Do they taste the same? Are they still as healthy? With so many people going organic, can hydroponics really compete and take on the latest food trend?

Undoubtedly, organic veg is very good for you, using the best soils and natural products;it is free from any chemicals and products that you do not want in your body. So when it comes to hydroponics what is the deal? Although it is true that plants do get the nutritional value from the nutrients and goodness from the soil it is grown in, that is not to say hydroponic vegetables are any less nutritious. If done correctly hydroponic vegetables will receive all of the nutrients they need to grow and be just as nutritious as traditional vegetables.

Obviously, if done incorrectly this nutritional value can decrease, but this statement stands for traditional vegetables too, as if they are grown badly in poor soil, they also will not be as healthy.

So if the nutritional value is the same in both hydroponically grown vegetables and traditional or organic veg then what does make them better? There are many practical benefits to hydroponics as well as health benefits.

1) No soil is needed is needed to grow the plants. You could grow hydroponically anywhere you like – on top of an apartment building, in a spare room inside your house, in an outdoor building. What is even better is that you can actually grow more plants in a smaller space as you do not need to give the roots lots of room to spread.

2) The water stays in the system and can then be reused, therefore saves on water that you use throughout the process

3)It is possible for you to completely control the nutrition levels you give to your plants, therefore, lower nutrition costs. For example, by constantly maintaining a controlled nutrient water supply, soil is prone to fluctuations, so its nutrient needs constantly change. Using nutrients such as canna nutrients allows you to only use what is needed and to also re use any left overs.

4) It is environmentally friendly, as nutrition pollution is not released directly into the environment because of the controlled system

5) Hydroponic crops often have very high and stable yields as everything is controlled so much there is less chance of things going wrong during the process

6)Pests and diseases are easier to get rid of than in soil because of the container’s mobility.