Know How Much You Have to Pay to Ship Your Car?

People often think transporting a car is expensive, but the transportation charges rely on various factors including weight and size. Transporting a car is less expensive compared to other vehicles like trucks and others. This is because they are less weight and requires less space.

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The trailer of a carrier fits many vehicles. For instance, the car shipping company has a 15-car trailer, and they want to haul trucks on the route. Then, they can’t ship 15 trucks as trucks are big in size compared to cars.

In such cases, they will charge more because carrying trucks will reduce the capacity of the trailer. Also, a carrier will be restricted with weight limitations. That is, you can haul vehicles up to 80,000 lbs.

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Shipping cost for small SUV, Crossover, or Mini-van

These vehicles are a bit heavier and bigger when compared to cars. Due to these reasons, the shipping cost is more.  A few popular SUVs and crossovers are Audi Q5, Hyundai Kona, Ford Escape, Kia Niro, so on. For instance, you like to move Lexus RX from South to North in the U.S., Arizona to Minnesota, and then the cost to ship it is $1,200 to $1,500.

Shipping cost for truck/ large SUV

Trucks and large SUV’s are heavier in weight and bigger in size compared to the above-stated vehicles. The cost for shipping these vehicles is a little expensive because trucks will have accessories such as toppers, push bars, oversized tires, and others. So, they need more space. The cost to ship a truck or large SUV ranges between $1,500 and $1,700. In case your vehicle has accessories or modifications that require more space, you have to pay extra charges.

The shipping cost of Extra-large trucks and cargo vans

These are the heaviest and biggest vehicles that require more space. So, the shipping cost is quite expensive. These vehicles come with various features like the extended roof, diesel engines, oversized tires, and more. All these accessories impact the cost of shipping. Due to this reason, it is hard to estimate the accurate shipping cost.

For instance, you like to ship an extra-large truck or cargo van, request the shipping service for a quote, they will send their team to check your vehicle, and finally, they will send you a customized quote.

Factors impact on shipping cost

  • How fast you want to ship your vehicle
  • Whether you need terminal-to-terminal transport or door-to-door
  • You require enclosed or open transport
  • The distance vehicle is going to move
  • Vehicle type
  • Fuel price

Tips to save money

If you like to save money while shipping your vehicle, there are a few ways. They include:

  • Choose unusual dates or off-season
  • Opt for an open carrier instead of a closed one
  • Get multiple quotes, compare them, and choose the best one

Many shipping services offer the best deals to move your vehicle within your budget, choose the best one, and get a quote today.