Basic items in baby shopping list:

If your delivery date is very and you haven’t prepared for your baby’s accessories don’t rush. Newly born babies will come very tiny and his or her zero size clothes will not fit them so long. Always remember to shop for a baby for present as well as for future. You just need few days to complete the baby shopping, don’t buy too many clothes in advance as the size of a baby defer in certain time period and the clothes can also get out of fashion.

Necessary shopping list for newly born baby:

 Baby shopping list contains a bundle of Diapers [ผ้าอ้อม เด็ก, which is the term in Thai] which is the most essential things. 9 to 10 bodysuits as there need to change them on daily basis to avoid any kind of infection, don’t take zero size or too tight bodysuit as the bodysuit should be loose so that baby don’t get irritated. 4 to 5 set of undergarments and pajamas as the size will definitely differ with short period of time. If we talk about winter season then the blankets are very much at least take 2 to 3 blankets and sweater for them as they will have them to prevent from cold. As rompers and legged tops are in trend nowadays and they look really cute on babies buy these two sets of each. Then we will be left with some extra accessories that include socks, cap, milk bottle, napkins, shoes etc. It is very easy to buy a dose not required huge amount of time.

Things avoid to buy for newly born baby:

Avoid using too much furry fabric or net that can irritate the baby. Always remember to remove back label or sticker. It can cause skin rashes. Avoid zippers and pinch shirts as it takes time to wear and baby can get frustrated. Make sure the nightwear is of 100% organic fabric as your child comfort would be your topmost priority.