The early stage of child development:

There are several types of research being done on the Development of early childhood (พัฒนาการ ของ เด็ก ปฐมวัย, which is the term in Thai). This is one of the most important stages where a child learns many things. Such as he would learn how to talk, walk, he would also start recognizing his parents as well. The early childhood ranges from 1-5 years where you need to make sure that your child is fine and has no health problems. As it is a growing age where your child grows mentally and physically as well. If you sense any abnormal problem with your child you should consult a doctor and do early childhood assessment. Where you can get an idea what is the problem and how to fix it.

Why is early childhood development important?

Early childhood development (พัฒนาการ เด็ก ปฐมวัย, which is the term in Thai) is so important in every individual lives. By understanding the early childhood development you can easily understand how to control a child. This helps you to create a better surrounding around your child where he would feel comfortable. When you know what your child is thinking you will be going to be one step ahead from them and this will help you to ensure their health. Parents should give 100% to their children during early childhood development because this is the time when they need the most attention. If neglected, you will have to bear severe consequences.

Important areas where your child grows in early life:

There are some major areas where you would see development in your child. Such as he would be going to recognize you, will be going to start speaking as well. Also, he would be going to react upon the situation. Your child will be going to have his own preferences on what he likes and which things he hates.