Benefits of a CDN

Content delivery network or CDN in short, is a network of servers that is located on many different geographic locations all around the country or world. This network is strategically distributed to reduce the response time of the website as well as to equally distribute the load of all servers. Many international companies use this type of network which provides their services in the entire world. Some of the benefits of CDN resellers are mentioned below.

Enhanced performance:

A CDN provides you with enhanced performance as everything are made available to the customers as well as to the clients in the least possible time. All the request that are made by the clients is handled by the nearest available server. Using this pattern reduces the load on prime server making the content delivery fast and accurate. There is also no loss in packets of the data. All the traffic is distributed to all the servers according to their location. Traffic is very evenly distributed in the entire network.

Easy availability: Easy availability means that your content will be made available easily. If a certain file is requested by the client, then that file is pre cached from the prime server to the local server. The file is saved on the local server for future use. And when the same file is again requested by any other user, then file is retrieved from the local server and sent to the user saving the retrieval time from the prime server.

Security: Security is the main factor which is also provided by these networks of servers. Many people try to retrieve the data from all around the world, but no one gets the direct access to the prime servers as it is only accessible by the local servers. Local servers act as a provider which receives the request from the client and responds to it.