Know about the Shutdown approaches of nickel plan in Norilsk

A group ‘Norilsk’ is largest and leading producer of palladium and nickel in the world. This group is mainly involved in the extraction, prospecting, refining and exploration including metallurgical processing or operations of minerals. Marketing, sales and production units of precious and base metals are vertically included and integrated in polar dimension of Norilsk nickel MMC. Norilsk is specially focused on compliance with environmental and social responsibility principles working along the strategies for future development and global operations. Norilsk people adapt to live only with the choice of familiar networks and strong social and a decent wage.

Company mission and Strategic priorities

The major corporate mission of the company is to share capital with the utilization of natural resources. The technological progress and development enables to provide the mankind with resources of non-ferrous metals to make world a secure place. The major company vision or priority is to build dynamic and adaptive organizational culture. For establishment of successful partnerships developing organizational competences enables to work with competition of projects and ideas for the exploration of an effective business. One can also view Norilsk live associated goals that are specially associated with safety and occupational health.

Company goals and tasks

Employees are provided by all the essential social guarantees of plant to be relocated with other facilities of group. Total refined capacity or production capacity of metal is also confirmed by the company to unaffected. The production facilities of the Nor nickel plant at NN Harjavalta and Kola MMC are expanded and modernized correspondingly. Norilsk group of company major aim is targeted to geographical development and exploration that enables enhanced placement of resource base and minerals.

On basis on geographical development and exploration

The general methodological and organizational management of geological exploration process with efficient control and planning over performance operation is carried by the department of mineral resources. The operations based on geological operations on mining companies are within mining allotments in Murmansk region and Krasnoyarsk Territory (north) to improve efficiency and sustain core production due to operating activity of company.