Best beaches to visit this summer

Pack your swimsuits and brace yourselves because “summer is coming”. And what better place to spend your holidays than the beach? But the catch is there are so many beautiful beaches out there. One summer is not enough to visit them all. From the tropical beaches of Phuket to the luxurious beach villas of Ibiza, there is something for every taste.


If you are on a budget and want to enjoy a vibrant culture, Spain is the place to go. Apart from the beautiful beaches, the town remains bright and colorful when busy. The energetic atmosphere takes the edge off the heat. If you enjoy being among crowds, you will love the bustle of Costa Del Sol. For the shyer types, we recommend the quieter Costa Brava.


The tropical beaches of Thailand, takes relaxation to a whole new level. Slack off on any of the beaches of Phuket, Koh Tao, Krabi, Koh Samui, Phi Islands and Koh Phangan. Aided with scenic beauty of clear waters and ornamental cliffs the beaches are ideal for reading your favorite book, or listening to some amazing tunes, or even spending some lazy time with your loved ones. The stunning attractions and the rich marine ecosystem is why this destination is the most popular in Asia.


Beaches of Mauritius seem straight out of paintings. The friendly weather makes it a holiday destination throughout the year. Luxurious amenities and clean water, make it even more inviting.


One of the most popular holiday destinations, the Bahamas offer much more than your average beach. The luxury alone gives it an unprecedented glamour. Incredible sea life, good food and perfect sandy beaches make it much more attractive to people who are willing to spend for a divine experience.


Amazing beaches are scattered all over the country. From the exciting sights of Rio de Janeiro to the lush rain forests, this destination is paradise for adventurous people.


Situated on the southeastern region of Mexico, Cancun is world famous for its villas and resorts. Enriched with scenic waterfalls, sinkholes, Mayan temples, mangrove inlets and tropical lagoons, the place is ideal for family vacations. Boundless white sandy beaches, soothing crystal blue waters and stunning tropical weather make this destination perfect for your summer escapade.


The coral reefs of Australia give it a place among legends. The beaches are huge and the amazing surfs are second to none. The country itself is spectacular. You can enjoy breathtaking sights in the outback.

Hermanus, South Africa:

Southern right whales come close to the beaches of Western cape, from June till December. You can watch them play in the surf from the clifftops. Enjoy the action with exotic drinks from the privacy of your terrace, offered by many establishments.


The beaches of Croatia are pebbly. You can roam around the shores only by boat. Crystal clear waters surrounding the beaches are most intriguing to watch. Hop around islands on your yacht. Take phenomenal dips in the coves of Paklinski islands.

Ibiza, Spain:

Treat yourself by availing one of the unique beach villas of Ibiza. We recommend Villa Rica, situated on Cala Jondal. Equipped with private chef, staff, bar, swimming pool and hot tub, this villa is fit for Kings. Enjoy the night clubs and sensational sandy beaches with your loved ones.

Islamorada, Florida:

If you are into beach houses, you will love this place. Islamorada is a collection of islands, hosting tourists and extravagant individuals. Mesmerizing visuals of the rustic houses are unmatched. Situated right on the edge of a white sandy beach, the houses are shaded by bougainvillea and palm trees. Acquaint yourself with a hammock, lay back and enjoy the quaint ambiance.

Tarifa, Spain:

This destination is perfect for those who like sporting activities. Situated in southern Spain, Tarifa sits on a 14km long beach. You can boost your adrenaline by kite surfing all day and slack off at one of the many beach bars during the evening.

These destinations are just a tiny portion of what the world has to offer. There are many other places for your summer escapade, but these are truly worthwhile. Take some time off to pamper yourself and your dear ones this summer. Lose yourself to the sound of crashing waves. Find inspiration in the terrain where land meets water.