Have you tried this place for your weekend outing?

Mysore in Karnataka is one of the attractive places. Known as the cultural city of the state, it attracts visitors from distant places with its marvelous temples and sight scenes. To help you with your boarding and lodging needs you will find many hotels there, but if you are looking for something enjoyable and entertaining, then the best resort near Mysore is a wonderful option.

Residing at Nandi hills, they give you the best of boarding and lodging facilities. Loaded with modern life amenities, this stopover is worth giving a try. Situated at the prime location, the hills and valley resorts welcome you with pleasant weather that is need of an hour during this highly humid weather. No AC, no cooler and fan can beat the cold wind that blows there.

From the resort, you have 360 degree view to the hills. The nature plays an important role in binding visitors. Watch clouds playing hide and seek with hills. Enjoying walking in the fog and capture beautiful shots of the wonderful flora and fauna. Given to its blooming weather conditions, you will find rare birds and species. These birds visit the place throughout the year. As the weather remains around 30 degrees throughout the year, you can visit any time of the year and collect goodies of nature in terms of breathtaking beautiful landscapes and mouth watering food.

One of the astounding features that entice the guests to be in place off and on is its entertaining activities. The resorts have specially created games for its visitors so that they can enjoy and relax to its fullest extent. Full day package, holiday package and weekend packages make the place one of the most favorite picks amongst the businessmen, corporate, families, friends and couples.

These one day resorts in Bangalore add zest to your outing by offering entertaining activities. Try your hands on something unbelievable like walking on water, flying like a bird, sliding or crawl like creepers. Make your adrenaline rush and let your heart beat at a faster rate. Not to mention these activities help in shedding off the toxins from your body. You relax and enjoy amidst natural environment.

The comfortable stay is made availablein rooms and cottages that promise modern life facilities you are used to. Various temples and wildlife sanctuaries are major attractions of the place that entice you to be in place again and again. All necessary arrangements are made available to these places. Thus, adding an extra layer of cream on an already delicious cake. The hot food in cold weather invigorates your taste buds. This food is cooked with organically grown fruits and vegetables. The best of nature serves you tasty food in the lap of nature, so that you imbibe much needed energy for your professional life.