Finding Last Minute Wedding Favor Deals

When you find yourself needing some wedding favors at the last minute a little online research should lead you to some good deals. Ordering in bulk could be a problem if you find yourself pressed for time. In that instance, it is often better to create your own last minute wedding favors. Often you can do this with the items you already have at home or items you can quickly and easily purchase.

Some clear plastic bags and an assortment of snacks such as pretzels, chocolates and other similar treats are all you need to pull together dazzling last minute wedding favors. You can even design and print out stickers to label each bag with, using your names and/or the date of your wedding. Making your own chocolate lollipops and attaching tags to them gives you instant favors without breaking the bank. You can even print out copies of a picture and glue it on the tag, or make the picture itself a tag. Alternatively, you can purchase small tins of mint and ensure that each guest receives one as they leave.

If you simply don’t have the time or the desire to create your own wedding favors there are websites where you can order favors and have them delivered overnight. When that isn’t an option you can purchase last minute favors at your favorite local store.

Easy ideas for last minute favors include handcrafted wooden roses, sparklers and sky lanterns. Sparklers and sky lanterns can add more fun to your wedding in addition to serving as the wedding favors. Many couples want their guests to hold lit sparklers or launch sky lanterns during the send-off at the end of the reception. Sparklers can also double as décor for the wedding reception, so if you already purchased them for that purpose you have guaranteed wedding favors at the last minute. For indoor weddings, there are certain brands of wedding sparklers that won’t create smoke so you don’t have to worry about opening up the doors and windows for ventilation.

A truly last minute idea for wedding favors is to simply take individual flowers out of your centerpieces or other décor and give them out as wedding favors. Most people will appreciate the simple gesture and it can save you at the last minute if you find yourself without favors and with no time to acquire any.

The wedding favors that you give to your guests should reflect the theme or ambience of your big day. In a pinch you can rely on standard, traditional wedding favors rather than not having any at all. Let the theme or location of your wedding inspire you if you need a last minute favor idea. For example, a beach wedding is the perfect excuse to give out sunglasses as your wedding favors. Most dollar stores have sunglasses that are affordable but still stylish enough for your guests.

Last minute wedding favor deals are easy to find if you know where to look. There is inspiration everywhere in the event that you quickly need to come up with appropriate wedding favors to help thank your guests for coming.