How To Protect Your Android Photo Gallery When Showing Images On Your Phone?

Want to show a photo to your friend but hide the other images? Then turn on the alarm against the curious with the Focus Photo Sharing app, which promises to protect the Android gallery. Even with messengers like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, showing a photo personally on your cell phone, to friends or relatives, can be a problem. That’s because the entire gallery is exposed for those who handle the device.

The security app through Movical  allows the user to select which photos he wants to release for viewing and blocks the rest. If the person tries to access your gallery, you are asked for a password: if you insist, an alarm will be activated. Check out this tutorial and keep your personal photos private.

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Step 1. Download the Focus – photo sharing app from your phone app Downloads;

Step 2. Open it and set up a four-number PIN (password);

Set up a password

Set up a password to protect your images on Android (Photo: Reproduction / Paulo Alves)

Step 3. Activate the app close notification by checking the box next to “notify when friend leaves app”. This way you will know when the person has finished viewing the photos. Then tap on “Ringtone” to change the alert sound and check “Vibrate” to make the phone vibrate;

Step 4. To share photos, and consequently block the rest of the images, access the gallery and select the photos you want to show, selecting Focus – photo sharing from the standard sharing menu;

Step 5. Give the device to the person, who will be able to view only the chosen images (there are some ads).

Stay safe: if the person tries to access the gallery by reopening the app, or by pressing the back button, the PIN will be asked. If the “Home” button is pressed, audible and vibrating alerts will be issued.

The advantage of Focus – photo sharing is that the user can share as many photos as he wants at once, creating a kind of private gallery just for the selected images. So, you don’t have to spend a lot of time to show someone something interesting or fun – your gallery with the private photos will be safe.