Ingenious Ways To Store Extra Items In Your Home

After a while it may seem like every room in your home is cluttered. This can create a feeling of helplessness when it comes to finding a solution. However, today we are going to help you come up with some ingenious ways to store those extra items in your home that will ensure your house doesn’t look cluttered when you are done.

Scarf And Belt Hanger

Belts and loose scarfs are easy to lay around. This creates a lot of clutter in your bedroom very fast. Take the initiate and use a regular old hanger to store them. If you want to put a little more energy into this, you can attach shower ring holders to the hanger to help separate the belts and scarfs more efficiently.

Fold Out Ironing Board

We all like to keep our clothes wrinkle-free, but having a big ironing board can be annoying to track around the home. Opt for foldable ironing boards. These can be installed in multiple areas of your home. They make hinges for the fold out ironing board to hang on your closet or bathroom door. Others have installed these irons in their dresser or kitchen cabinet behind a false door.

Narrow Storage Spaces

Those little areas, such as beside the refrigerator, are perfect for pull-out storage units. In the kitchen, you can store your spices, soup cans, and other condiments in a narrow vertical slide-out cabinet. This will allow easy access to these much-used items while at the same time keeping them out of sight when not needed.

Toy Bags

If you are a parent or grandparent and haven’t discovered these yet, well you need to. These toy bags are typically a large circular bag that is about three feet in diameter. You have your kids play with their toys in the canvas bag. When they are done, you simply pull the tightening strap and the toy mat folds up into a toy bag that you can easily store in the corner of the room.

Under Bed Storage Units

Ditch your traditional bed frame and install storage boxes instead. These will hold your mattress in place while allowing for that much-needed extra storage room. These can come with a flipable option so all you have to do is lightly pull up on the bed and it will stay folded up until you are done getting out your items. While you may have to call On the Go Moving & Storage to store larger items, this storage box will work for those smaller items, such as your winter clothes in the summertime.

Combination Shelves

Think about all that extra airspace that surrounds the major items in your home. Instead of storing extra toilet paper rolls in a container, a magazine holder, and other items in shelving surrounding your toilet, there’s a better option. Use the area around the back of the toilet to install a combination shelf. These can include a toilet paper rack on one side, a magazine holder on the other, and a flat top space for flowers, scents, or anything else you may want.