Pest Control in Small Towns

Small towns are much different than many other places throughout the country. Small towns carry an atmosphere that you simply can not find other places. Tooele, Utah is a small town in Utah with a big heart and even bigger community feel. The people that live there are tight knit and really appreciate what each other have to offer.

It doesn’t matter if their homes fills with pests, their neighbors car breaks down, or they need a bouquet of flowers for their wife, the locals of Tooele support everything from their pest control company to the local flower shop.

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Speaking of pest control, because Tooele is nestled inside of a farming community there are an abundance of pests living in their area. Small towns are a great place for pests to reside because there are often older structures that are easy to inhabit.

4 Reasons Small Towns have Lots of Pests

There are a few reasons that small towns are filled with pests. The four main reasons that there are pests in small towns are:

  1. Old buildings
  2. Farm ground
  3. Large yards
  4. Livestock

Old building, as mentioned above, are one of the easiest places for pests to move into. Old building were not built as closed off as the newer building that we have put up. As well as being structurally different, they are als old. Old building will start to fall apart to some extent after many years. When the buildings start to fall apart, it becomes much easier for pests to get inside. Once inside, pests will quickly multiply in number and soon an infestation has begun.

Small communities often harbor many acres of farm ground. Certain pests live for a field full of potatoes or corn. With the increasing number of fields being planted and harvested comes an increase in the number of pests that the town will see. There is no other way to manage the pest influx due to fields than call your local pests control company to manage the situation.

Large backyards are a great place for many bugs to live. Usually large backyards include ample amount of landscaping and plants. When there are great plants to make home, bugs will move in. If pest control is not manages regularly is it likely that the bugs will overtake your yard and cause many problems. A small number of bugs is very healthy for your yard, but as soon as an infestation occurs, the case quickly changes.

As well as small towns being a great place for farmers to make a living, there are also a great number of ranchers residing in these small towns. Livestock encourage a number of different pests to live around them, flies being the most common. There is nothing that you can do to make the flies disappear around your livestock other than using pest control chemicals and keeping the stalls and pasture areas as clean as possible.