The Modern Way to “Visit” a Headshop!

With the new laws in some states allowing the use of medical marijuana, cannabis is the new treatment of choice for many individuals who suffer from anxiety. Anxiety symptoms, whether mild or severe, can greatly reduce the quality and enjoyment of life for those who suffer from this affliction.

Those who suffer know the raw, helpless feeling of having to get up and check the door locks or stove, even though they have just checked them three or four times previously during the night. Constant worry and the inability to “turn off” thoughts, particularly negative ones, are part and parcel of anxiety disorders.

For treatment, pills had always been the handy option, dispensed like candy from medical providers. Sometimes prescription pills are the only answer; however, there is a price to pay for taking them. Headaches, sexual intimacy problems, and “rebound” jitters have all been documented by some users of fast acting tranquilizers. These days, many users of prescription pills or those with a recent anxiety-related diagnosis have opted to ask their doctor about cannabis therapy or found a provider who will prescribe and monitor their cannabis use to ease their symptoms.

Their first foray into using cannabis might be by trying to roll a joint as the precious product spills on the floor. They might have heard about water bongs or “bubblers’ but haven’t a clue how to buy one. So many products and so much to learn. Just learning how to use marijuana can be an anxiety provoking experience, unless you know where to go.

Many medical marijuana users have understandable anxiety about just walking into a store and purchasing a bong. The local head shop might be in a dodgy neighborhood or they might not want their entire community to view their car in the parking lot. They just want to find a convenient way to get that smooth draw when they come home after a stressful day at work or have a smooth smoking experience before bedtime.

The best option is to look online, but not just anywhere. The very best online headshop that you can visit from the comfort and safety of your own home is “Thick Ass Glass”, Yes, the name is whimsical; however, they carry everything you need to make your cannabis experience a wonderful experience of discovery. For science geeks, just seeing those cleverly invented devices are an experience. If you desire pretty paraphernalia, they have gorgeous “bubblers” that can double as a work of art. All the pieces can be found, from Titanium “dabblers” to grinders. The website is user-friendly and intuitive to use. They even have an app that patrons can download! It couldn’t be easier to use cannabis once you have the right tools shipped to you discreetly to your home address. These water pipes and vaporizers are so pretty, though, that customers may want to place them front and center on a coffee table as a conversation piece.

The website,, also has a “Knowledge” section, providing valuable information that is particularly useful for newbies. The information is presented in a friendly, concise manner and takes the mystery out of many questions new and seasoned users alike may have about their products. It’s much better than asking the weird guy who is minding the counter in a small, windowless shop that reeks of stale incense. Head shops have gone 21st century modern online, and is the place to go!