Commercial Cleaning Marketing Plans: 3 Ways to Build Your Word-Of-Mouth Business

Generating buzz about your commercial janitorial service is the ideal way to cut your marketing budget in half. Not only are people more likely to consider your company when they hear glowing reviews from others, but it also means that your business will be called back for return work. As you develop your marketing plan, use these tips to encourage your current customers to do the work for you on spreading the news about why your business offers superior service.

Make Promptness Your Priority

The first step toward earning referrals and positive reviews is to make sure that every customer is greeted with perfection after your company does a cleaning. Train your staff to be efficient but thorough as they scour floors and wash those windows. It is also helpful to look into equipment that allows for each job to be done faster. For example, a used riding floor scrubber saves your team’s energy while enable them to tackle large areas in half the time they would on foot. As your customer’s come to expect a prompt turnaround on their cleaning jobs, they will have more time to rave about your services to their colleagues and friends.

Utilize Online Resources

Janitorial companies tend to avoid social media because they are often overwhelmed by how much information is out there. It can also be confusing trying to figure out which ones are most effective for building your brand’s reputation. However, it is important to dip your toe in the water by searching for your company’s name online. Once you find it, see if there are any reviews left by your customers, and use them to help spread the word about your company. Online resources can also help you procure lower cost equipment such as a used riding floor scrubber that helps you keep those customers happy.

Reward Customers For Their Loyalty

Satisfied customers love getting kickbacks, and it doesn’t take much to get them motivated to spread the word. Consider offering points for repeat services, and throw in an extra such as an extra room when they send you a referral that turns into a sale. Contests for seeing who gives the most shares on social media is another way to reward your customers for letting others know that they love getting cleaning services through your company.

As your cleaning crew sits on their used riding floor scrubber, avoid letting yourself get lazy with your marketing plans. Make sure that you are constantly upgrading your equipment and services as your business grows so that your customers can still expect the same prompt service they received back when your client list was only a few names. By staying on top of your customer reviews online and rewarding people for giving you referral business, you can enjoy watching your company grow while having to do only minimal marketing on your own.