Types of Commercial Tents You Need To Know About

Commercial tents are something in trend now. Take any event, using commercial tent would be the super preferable option. With a solid surrounding and good ventilation, the tents can be of a lot of types. Here are some commercial tents you might want to think about:

Clear-span Tents

These tents are one of the very best choices for events. These tents have a glass or a solid surrounding, with aluminum frame structure to host the tent on. The solid surrounding gives the tent a measure of stability against the wind. The advantage with these is that they are incredibly resistant to swaying from the wind and also offer a clear and unobstructed view inside the tent.

Frame Tents

Frame tents are almost similar to the clear-span tents. They are entirely made up of aluminum frames which form the structure of the tent and the tent cloth can be draped on the frame. These tents offer good ventilation and light-flow with their open sides and also offer an unobstructed view of the happenings, due to the absence of poles inside the tent.

Traditional Pole Tents

These are the oldest type of tents ever to be made. Here poles are used inside the tent to support the structure and also at the edges to form the shape of the tent. Also, ropes are connected from the tent’s support poles and fixed into the ground for additional support. The advantage with these tents is that very large areas can be covered with a single tent because, inside the tent, there are supporting poles which can be placed according to the need.

Twin-Pole High Peak Tents

These type of tents add a touch of elegance to the view with their high double poles at the center. They have a row of double poles all through the middle which hold the structure up. The advantage with these tents is that they can be extended to larger heights and extended wide as well, making it very spacious in the tent.

High Peak Frame Tents

High Peak Frame Tents, as the name indicates, are made by designing the frame of the roof such that it looks as if the tent is peaking in the middle. This gives us the same unobstructed feeling and at the same time is pleasing to the eye with its rather contemporary design.

If all of it seems to be not working, we just have another idea. It is actually possible for you to get custom made tents for your event according to your wish. This way, you can get a tent to best suit your needs and also get it designed in such a way as to impress the guests present there with a unique design. This custom made commercial tent helps you create a longer lasting impression on the people there.