Most Important Role at ValueMags

ValueMags is a marketing agency for magazine and magazine publishers based out of Chicago, Illinois. The company has many marketing responsibilities including making sure each individual magazine or publisher is marketed according to how they want to be perceived and shown. One of the biggest roles of their marketing campaigns is that of the copywriter. At ValueMags, the copywriter’s main function is developing headlines and subheadlines. The headline serves the purpose of commanding the receiver’s attention. This is especially important because ValueMags markets many magazines and many publishers. As a result, the company needs to be able to differentiate their products with how they present them. The main way to do that is the headline and the subheadline. Often times, ValueMags makes sure that the headlines include a promise-to-benefit or entices the reader’s curiosity. There are also times where their headlines will command the consumer to do something or take action or will be a news headline. The most common headline that ValueMags uses for news is the announcement of a new publisher, partner, or magazine offering. The sub-headline is a smaller headline that clarifies the headline and message or purpose or the advertisement. It also serves as a breaker between the headline and the body copy however many ads do not care to use one. ValueMags actively uses a subheadline because it needs to clarify their crazy headlines that they use to differentiate their products.

ValueMags takes their headlines and their advertisements seriously. It is what makes or breaks the marketing of a magazine or publisher.That’s why they are thorough all the way through. That means that their attention is just as elaborate on the body copy of their advertisements. The body copy is meant to be informative however since ValueMags is marketing print entertainment, their favorite form of a body copy is a story. Nothing draws an individual’s emotions in more than a story. Check out some of ValueMags’ advertisements using the link above to their website.