ValueMags and A&W

ValueMags comments on what A&W should do to grow their market share in competition with Wendy’s and Harvey’s. The marketing agency has to offer the company the follow advice:

A&W should follow the healthy initiative-advertising tactic. When looking at how associative networks work it could bring more profits down the road to stick to the ad. All individuals store information in an associative network manner. Meaning they link a brand to a particular trait or benefit the brand has. Since health is a big concern in today’s society, marketing fast food with health benefits would be conclude to be very beneficial. Rather than associating A&W with processed, fatty burgers consumers will link A&W as having 100{9b91c1395f3eb746aa076993a3e59d4a658edbd62758f37219d4e6cd0e3c1d95} pure beef burgers that are free of additives and fillers.

The likeliness that the healthy ingredient trend will continue is very high. People are becoming more aware of the world around them and how food is being produced. Looking back 30 years from now people did not know what went into a hotdog and how foods were produced but with technology today information is at everyone’s fingertips. Everyone has a complex cognitive process, as consumers gain more knowledge by observing people and the world around them they retain information explains ValueMags. That information then helps to guide their own behaviors. Since A&W is a pioneer brand in the sense that they were one of the first to market the 100{9b91c1395f3eb746aa076993a3e59d4a658edbd62758f37219d4e6cd0e3c1d95} beef with no fillings, etc, consumers will remember that and be more likely to go with A&W rather than other companies who follow their ads later on.

ValueMags says that A&Ws new initiative is opening its doors to their new target market, that is, Generation X, Y and Z. Those of the baby boomer generation, tie close relations and connections to the overall appearance, bright orange color, and the A&W traditions. Servicing to those who have been there from the beginning, and a broad menu, catering to each individual in your family no matter how big or small. In regards to Nostalgia, A&W plans to maintain connections with loyal baby boomer customers through the significance behind their slogan, “Home of the burger family”. This slogan grasps way more than any other traditional slogan as it holds a promise to maintain the heritage and quality ingredients of the Company that dates back to 1922. The bright orange color will contrast with the new urban location, reminding their important reoccurring baby boomers of the history the company carries behind them.