Enjoy playing the game of pickle ball

There are many games which you can play at home or outside easily.  If you are looking for a game you can choose Pickle ball game as this game is very simple. These games are very easy to learn, easy to play and easy to setup. Pickle ball game is a combination of basics of table tennis and tennis game. These games are played using a slow punch ball over a tennis type pickle ball net same size of badminton court. The net of the pickle ball game remain same as tennis. If you are a new player you may know that the ball is being given underhand at the end of the net. Without bouncing the ball you have to play crosswise to the challenger on the court. The tennis court commonly has two features, double bounce and non valley zone. Some important lines and zones are required for the pickle ball court as they are very important part of these games.

There are some terms and conditions that will help you in understanding the rules of pickle ball court:

Baselines: These baselines are very important lines, which are used at the end of each side of the court and remain parallel to the net.

Non valley zone: Non valley zone is an area of court that is enclosed by the non valley lines. The area also includes the non valley lines and sidelines in this zone.

Non valley lines: These lines are parallel to the net and in between the sidelines. The each side of the non valley lines are used to draw some height at least 7 feet from the net.

Center line:  These centerlines bisect the area between non valley and baselines on each side of the net. The area of the each side is also used to bind the non valley lines as common as badminton court.