Why are gravel driveways so popular?

  • Easy to install.
  • Cost effective.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Compliments the existing landscape.
  • Security – audible signal of activity.

The broad range of driveway chippings and gravels means that whatever your tastes and desires for your external space you will find a product that offers excellent functionality and exquisite visual appeal.

With varying textures and shapes, 10mm and 20mm sizes in a plethora of colours and evocative hues, the installation of driveway chippings will invigorate a space which shouldn’t be viewed as a wholly functional area. It must be appealing too.

It’s advisable to select an angular gravel or driveway chipping because it is less prone to travel with the wheels of a vehicle and scatter.

The satisfying crunch of gravel and driveway chippings acts as a signal for security purposes. You’ll hear anyone on your property.

Many people feel more confident in their own abilities when laying driveway chippings and gravel than if they were installing tarmac, paving or cobbles.

There’s no need to call in specialists for installation and the work can be undertaken over the course of a day or a weekend with stunning results.

When installing gravel or chippings it’s wise to add a lightweight framework, for instance, Marropave, which the gravel is placed in and over.

It adds to the fortitude and tidiness of the area. Installing edging with your driveway chippings so that their movement is limited lessens the maintenance.

Driveway chippings are an excellent investment for property improvement and the materials and installation costs far less than other landscaping options.

Suppliers like the highly reputable Rivar Sand and Gravel based in Newbury, Windlesham and Tadley stock domestic project sized bags of driveway chippings and gravel of 20/25kg and half bulk and bulk bags for commercial and large landscaping jobs at 450kg and 900kg.

Whilst some gravels may crumble under the weight of vehicles there are many that won’t.


  • Thames Valley Flint Moonstone Gravel is outstanding value for money.
  • It features black, white, grey and various shades of brown in the stone.
  • As a driveway material it is only going to need occasional maintenance and a top up.
  • This product is available in 10mm and 20mm driveway chippings.
  • South Cerney Gravel is another fine choice.
  • This is buff buttery toned and semi rounded gravel in 10mm or 20mm.
  • Its angular properties help the gravel not to travel and the 20mm is robust, attractive and arguably more suitable than the 10mm.
  • Whilst South Cerney Gravel is not the strongest gravel on the market it is enduring.
  • As with the Moonstone Gravel it will just need a top up every so often.
  • The 20mm Toffee Gravel contains angular chippings in rich browns and golds. (Think of toast to see it in your mind’s eye.)
  • It’s again sourced in the Thames Valley and it offers excellent durability and compliments the landscape wonderfully.

Talk to an expert driveway chippings supplier today to get your project underway.