Wire security systems as well as accessories for every demand

No cable is able to satisfy the demands of today in terms of abrasion resistance, tensile toughness, as well as kind consistency or impact resistance without having ideal cable security. Wire channels have to fulfill these needs and additionally give security against dust and moisture or resistance versus severe temperature loads. This does not jeopardize when it concerns cord security.

From outstanding flexibility to high flame-retardant homes to remarkable mechanical defense, thick-walled or thin-walled assures the finest quality and also safety in all heavy-duty rubber cable protector locations. Wherever wire security is needed, there are distinct requirements. Whilst cable protection in equipment and plant construction needs for high levels of mechanical resistance, as well as abrasion resistance, a cable channel or knotted sleeving utilize in public structures or rolling stock has to fulfill the highest possible fire safety and security requirements.

In addition to the exceptional product properties of the versatile cable security avenues from professional manufacturers, consumers and customers of their cord security items also benefit from system remedies. For each metal or non-metallic cord avenue in the series, there are a variety of devices readily available, for instance:

  • Locknuts
  • Clamps
  • Endcaps
  • Sealing washers

Whether building or retrofitting, for example with braided sleeves that can be re-opened or shut, locate the right cable protection remedy for your application currently.

Wire defense customized to your application!

The requirements in the area of wire protection are ending up being increasingly complex. Cable avenues need plenty of features to secure cord packages efficiently under varied conditions, e.g.:

  • Adaptability.
  • High resistance against to as well as UV radiation.
  • High resistance to deterioration.
  • Flame-resistant as well as self-extinguishing.

A professional manufacturer is a worldwide supplier who offers high-performance cable attachment, routing, attaching, securing, as well as determining options to diverse markets. They create market options that uniquely satisfy their clients’ requirements of every industry, fixing a specific demand, saving installment as well as part prices, and improving the quality of completion product: